Friday, September 23, 2011

Pleated Necklace

I found this pleated necklace over at TaterTots and Jello from a guest poster found HERE. I loved it and just had to make one for myself!!

Items you need:
Ribbon (or material)
Needle and Thread

1. Take your ribbon and pleat it twice and then thread a bead on (hint: I didn't cut my ribbon until I was done threading on all my beads, because I didn't know how much ribbon it was going to take and I didn't want to run out). Keep threading the beads on until you are at your desired length, then cut the ribbon from the spool.

2. To finish it up I did it a little fancier (you'll probably don't need to do it like this, but I was just excited that I thought of it!!) Fold the end of your ribbon hot dog ways, then snip a little from the middle.
Take a lighter and burn it just ever so slightly so it doesn't fray.
3. Take another kind of thread (skinner) and thread into the whole you just cut.
4. Sandwich the middle ribbon in between the thicker ribbons and stitch to hold in place. This way you don't have to cover up a knot and you don't have to have a knot in the back either!

So simple and I love it so much!! I have a white ruffled shirt that I'm going to wear with a bright yellow cardigan and I think this necklace will look perfect!! So excited!!

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Megan T. said...

Love this! I miss you so much!

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