Friday, November 20, 2009

Homemade Golf Club Covers

My husband loves golf, and he is a big University of Utah fan. So for our anniversary I thought what better gift to give him that something that has to do with two things he loves! So I took one of the covers that came with his clubs and I got some Utah fleece from Hobby Lobby. I took my blue fabric marking pencil and made a mark from the top of the back seam to the bottom, then I rolled in to the front and marked the top and bottom and then continued to roll it to the back again. To tell you the truth I really don't know how I got this to work, but it turned out pretty good! Then I cut out the fabric. I made four covers so I had a front and back for each to make it a little thicker. I also had to make the top, so I took a wider mouth cup from my kitchen and traced a circle and then cut out 8 of those. I used a really thick double iron on interfacing and fused the two circles together, but I made the interfacing circle smaller than the fleece so I didn't have to sew through 4 layers of fleece and thick interfacing. When all of those were done I bought a 1, 3, 5, and H to put on top of the covers. I bought the iron on numbers that were a little thicker so they would last longer. But not only did I iron it on, but I sewed around it as well.
Then I bought black socks (cause they never get dirty!) for the neck of the covers. I just cut them where I thought they would look the best. I didn't worry about cutting them too straight cause I knew the edges would be covered by the fabric.
Then I sewed the two pieces together along the top edge, and then I sewed the back edges together.
Once that was done I sewed the top circle to the rest of the fleece. When you do this make sure that the number is facing the front of the sock. You don't want the number facing the back seam.
Once the top was sewn on I took the black sock and turned it inside out with the rest of the cover the right side out. I did it the first time with them both inside out and I ended up with the top inside out and the neck the right way. So I had to unpick, not fun! Pin all of it together and sew around the top. I did about a half inch seam just to make sure I got all the different layers.
Once you've sewn that it's finished, and you have custom golf club covers that don't take too long and don't cost and arm and a leg!!
The only sad part is he can't use them for another 5 months. Oh well, it'll be like getting a present twice!

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