Monday, September 26, 2011

Bunched Up Skirt!!

I am a big fan of the bunch look! I think it looks nice on me....which is why I chose the wedding dress I did!! 
Well one day while I was looking through some patterns I found this one and knew I had to make it!! It even said easy-to-sew on it....and let me tell WAS really easy to sew!!
The nice thing about this skirt is I can untie the insides and make it lay flat! Which means I get two skirts out of one!
Love it!!


a.parke said...

What a tiny waist you have... You look awesome! I wish I had your skills.

Tare said...

Oh my!! Super cute!! I love the whole two for one!

Foust Family said...

That skirt looks almost as good as you do!!! Very cute, I love it!

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