Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Personalized Photo Puzzle

For Valentine's day I decided to do something for my husband everyday leading up to the big day. Well for the second day I decided to make him something he loves. A Puzzle! He's loved puzzles since he was a little kid, so what better way to show him how I care!
I have the digital scrapbooking program Creative Memories. I took a ton of pictures of us through our years together and made a collage. I got a 12X12 print done at Costco. Then I turned the picture over and began to draw puzzle pieces. After I was done drawing the pieces I cut them out. This was a lot of work and it's pretty flimsy (which I wasn't about to glue the picture to a little piece of cardboard because then my hand would've hurt worse cutting it out).
Then I covered an ink cartridge box with scrapbooking paper, and cut out a few hearts with my Cricut, and viola! I was done! He loved it too!!
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