Monday, September 12, 2011

Burlap Wreath

I found this idea on Pinterest (which by the way I LOVE!! I know every says it....but there is a reason!!) It was on Craftaholics Anonymous and her tutorial is found HERE.

What you need:
Wire hanger
1.25 (I would actually get about 1.5 yards) of burlap
1/8 yard of different colored burlap (or you could also you any scrap material you have)
Hot Glue Gun
Wire cutters

1. Undo your hanger and mold it into a circle.

2. Cut 3" strips of your burlap. She had a simple way to cut the burlap on her blog...I actually just used a rotary cutter and mat to cut mine. It made it looked more frayed...which I liked, but if you'd prefer the other than I'd look at how she did it!

3. Then start poking one end of your now circle hanger through the burlap and start folding it like an accordion, back and forth until you've used all your fabric and the hanger is full.
4. Since I didn't use as much burlap I had some extra hanger...and I wanted the burlap to be pretty tight I used my wire cutters to snip some of the hanger away.
5. Take your wire cutters (or pliers, mine was both) and fold the edges of the hanger together so they don't come apart. It doesn't look very pretty, but I covered this section up with other things!
6. Take your different colored burlap, or scraps and make rosettes.
7. Use your hot glue gun and glue the rosettes where you want them, and I added a little wooden "B" to spice things up :) It took be a little to finagle the material to it laid the way I wanted to....but with a little hot stayed where I wanted it to!

8. Take either a scrap of material, some ribbon, or I used a little extra burlap that I had and simply tied it around the top to hang it!
And you're done!! Perfect for all year round!


Foust Family said...

How fun! I've been looking for a new wreath idea! Cute!

Kayla and Eric said...

very cute Shanna!

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