Monday, January 11, 2010

Vitamin Bottle Rattles

I have one nephew that is 18 months and I was trying really hard to think of something to make for him. One day when I had him over he was helping get something in our food storage room and found some vitamin bottles. He played for a long time with them just shaking them up and down, throwing them, and stacking them. I thought it would be really fun to make something similar for him. So I collected vitamin bottles and got some scrapbook paper and borrowed my SIL's cricut (I just bought one so now I can use my own!).

How to make them:

1. I took off the labels as best as I could.

2. Fill the bottle with anything you can find. I put beans, popcorn, jelly beans, rice, and nuts into my bottles.

3. Use some kind of permanent glue, I used E6000 (cause I'm a real crafter), and glue the lids on so they can't come off.

4. Then I cut strips of striped black scrapbook paper and mod podged it onto the bottle.

5. Then I cut the names of different colors, onto the same color scrapbook paper, using the Cricut.

6. Then I mod podged those on.

7. Then I cut circles of fabric and put it on top with mod podge and colored rubber bands.

The next time I do this I'm going to try to think of something different to do for the top cause I wasn't totally happy with the fabric, but I think my nephew liked it! And it was fun to make! Enjoy!


Foust Family said...

Good idea! I know Connor loved them!

t foust said...

You went all out for xmas this year! Way to go on all your craft projects!

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