Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Magnet and Dry Erase Board

I saw this idea on the Blog Make it and Love it! I LOVE that blog, it has been one of my very favorites! The address is makeitandloveit.blogspot.com in case you want to go over there and see what other fun things she has made!
Anyways, I went to Ben Franklin and got a 12X36 frame. I also got a 12X12 magnetic sheet, and used the same material I used for my headboard. (I absolutely love that material and have been using it for all sorts of projects!)
First I took the cardboard piece behind the frame and covered most of it with fabric. I was pretty lazy and just duct taped it on the back. Most people hot glue it on the back. I didn't do the whole thing because I knew I was going to put the magnetic sheet over that end.
Then I put the magnetic sheet in the frame first followed by the full glass piece then the cardboard covered with the fabric. And it was all done! I love it. The only thing was the fabric I used was very busy so it's kind of hard to see the writing. So we had to get a really thick dark dry erase marker. But if you don't want to find a special marker, just use a less busy and bright fabric.

I also wanted to spice it up just a little bit so I made fabric yo-yo's. There is a great tutorial here on how to make these.

Now we have something that we can keep notes of things we need to remember, things we need to buy, and things we need to save up for. Plus I just think it looks cute! Enjoy!


Kimberly Bluemel said...

It turned out really cute! I like it!

Foust Family said...

Oops, I guess I was signed in as Kimberly!

Lisa F said...

That is really cute!

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