Thursday, October 8, 2009

Key Holder

When we moved into our house we got I swear ten thousand keys. We were just putting them in a glass container and I could never figure out which key was which. Well I decided to make a key holder. I would've just bought one to hang up on my wall but we didn't have any more wall space next to our door, so I made this. Well I made it too late cause we already lost a couple keys and we didn't put some up cause we don't need those so we put them somewhere else. Anyways here it is!I used one of those magnetic bag clips that we bought from Ross. I took some ribbon and purse clip things and the fabric that I love! I cut a piece of the fabric that would cover the clip, then sewed the ribbon in a loop with the purse clips in so they would stay. Then I opened the magnetic clip and put the fabric in so it would say, then I took some other fabric and tied a bow around the top so it would stay as well. In hope this all made sense. It's a little hard to explain, but it works for what we need!

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