Monday, October 12, 2009

Cute Magnets!

A lot of people have made these cute magnets, and I really wanted to make some. Well Melissa (also on this blog!) has made them before so she told me how to make them. Thanks Melissa!
Glossy Accents was a great way to make these!
These magnets are really good. They actually work! You also use these flat marbles.
First you put a drop of the glossy accents on the marble
Then you put it onto your scrap booking paper and smoosh it down so the gloss goes over everything. You can see the bottom right one the gloss isn't everywhere and the others you can't see the gloss cause it's all over.
Melissa told me to put the marbles on first cause all the marbles are different sizes and you can cut them out after they've dried so you don't have to match them up after you've cut them out.
Then you cut them out and use a little super glue on the back and put the magnet on the back, let it dry and then you are done! The only thing I wish I would've done different was put less super glue on because I put too much and it seeped through so you could see it through the marble. But other than that I liked how they turned out!


brandy said...

I make these, only with photos behind them :)

Foust Family said...

They turned out cute! I like the paper!

I have also made them with photos for my students the last 3 years for Christmas presents for their parents. They are so cute! I think I will have to make them for grandparents this year!

Good work, Shanna! You should come over and we can make holiday ones!

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