Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Picture Board

My fridge is covered with baby announcements and other family/friend pictures. I was getting a little sick of the clutter on my fridge so I decided to make a picture board. I decided to only use items I already had to make this.

Cardboard Box
Piece of fabric the size of one side of the box
thin ribbon
thick ribbon
staple gun & staples
embroidery thread

I cut one side of the cardboard box and then placed a same size piece of batting on the box. Then I covered it with the piece of fabric and flipped it onto it's back. I took my staple gun and staples and placed one staple in the middle of each side, and then stapled the rest of the fabric to the box.
After that I took the skinny ribbon and cut it to the different sizes I wanted and then staples them to the back as well.
I tried stapling the ribbon down where they met in the middle but the staple wouldn't hold. So I decided to sew it in. I took a bigger needle and some embroidery thread and sewed each intersection of ribbon.
Then I took thicker ribbon and cut it in two pieces, staples to the back on opposite ends of one side and then tied it in a bow so I could hang it up on the wall.

And there you have it!

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