Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Decor-Spider

This was actually not my idea. And I didn't even make it, but my cute friend Janie said that I could post it on here because I thought it was such a cute idea! She had a broken umbrella and decided to make a spider out of it. She bought some fleece in the remnants section and used some fiber fill.

For the body she cut a big circle, cut a scissor size cut where each of the legs were, then stuffed the top with fiber fill and hot glued it all into a ball.

For the head she cut a circle and stuffed it with fiber fill and then sewed the ball shut.
Here's her super cute cat!!
Then she hot glued the head to the body. With the fleece she had to use quite a bit of glue, but after holding it for a minute or two it held pretty good.
She bought some googly eyes from Hobby Lobby and hot glued them onto the head. It was a pretty simple project, but I think it turned out awesome! I hate spiders, but for a Halloween decoration I think it's such a great idea and just goes to show that you can make anything out of anything!
Thanks Janie for letting me share this!

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