Friday, October 22, 2010

Candy Corn Decoration

Items Needed:
Styrofoam Topiary
Clay pot
Black spray paint
candy corn
hot glue gun
cute ribbon

1. Spray paint pot and topiary

2. Hot glue the candy corn to the ball parts. (I was going to do the whole thing pointy, but it took me forever. So I did the lower one with the candy corn on the side. It was quite a bit faster.)

3. Hot glue the topiary sides to the pot.

4. Fill the pot to the top with candy corn.

5. Tie some cute ribbon on however you'd like!

I don't know how well it's going to last for next year. I might try spraying it with some kind of lacquer, but I guess we'll see. If it doesn't last. . .it was a lot of work and will kind of annoy me. . .but it is cute, so I'll enjoy it for as long as I can!!


Lisa F said...

That is SO cute! I would definitely spray it with something to "seal" it especially if it's going to be stored where it gets hot... we had bugs in EVERYTHING in St Croix.

Foust Family said...

That turned out really cute! They take a TON of time to make!!! Let me know what you end up spraying on yours!

t foust said...

You'll have to report on the spray technique, I'm interested to know if it will hold up for next year! But great job - way to go! It makes me feel like a slacker because I have not put any halloween decor up. Oh well!

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