Friday, August 20, 2010

Wall Decor

Our apartment has really high walls (which I love), and I had an empty spot right above our TV that I didn't exactly want to hang pictures on. I saw something that Make it and Love it did and decide to copy her idea. I didn't follow exactly what she had done, I just made up something that I thought would work for me.

I went and bought 3 foam board's from Hobby Lobby. I used an exacto knife and cut the boards to 19". With the rest of the board I cut it into three strips (I didn't measure them very good at all cause I didn't think it would matter but it did when I went to hang them on the wall. So if you do something like this make sure to measure it and make it straight so it will hang evenly.) I super-glued the strips to the board. Oh and just to let you know the reason I did the strips of foam board on the back was because I was nailing the fabric on, and with just a single board the nails would go all the way through.

Then I cut the fabric to the size of the board with an added 2" on each side.
Then I took my staple gun (that my Dad gave me as a going away present!) and put one staple in the middle on all four sides. Then you go through and closely staple the fabric on pulling it as evenly as possible. You want to make sure the staples are close or else the fabric pulls unevenly and it looks dumb. (Trust me, I did that on my first project).
Here is my finished project! I really like how it turned out! The middle one I screwed up on (I cut the fabric the wrong size), but I had to make it work. Hopefully it looks alright.

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Foust Family said...

That looks so good! I love it! Love the fabric.

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