Monday, August 30, 2010

Fixing the Curtains

We bought some curtains for our front room, but they weren't quite long enough. If we would've bought the longer size they would've been way too big. So I decided to just add a little extra to them to make it work better.

I bought satin binding from JoAnn's. There weren't any that matched, so I found the one that would work best with all my room colors.I flipped the binding inside out and sewed the edges together.
Once that was done I turned it the right side out sewed along the edges to help it lay flat. This type of material frays real easy, so I took a lighter and burned the edges so I wouldn't have to worry about that.
I made them all into a loop so I wouldn't have to worry about the loops coming apart when I sewed them on to the curtains.
Then I sewed them on to my sheer curtains and hung them up! They work much better then what I had before, and now they don't look like they're preparing for a flood!

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