Saturday, August 28, 2010

A little Something Extra

When we hung our pictures up after we moved I decided to make them big collages. When I put this wall up I got it to look good on the floor, but on the wall it looked off balance to me. It has bugged me ever since (for about 7 weeks now).Finally I figured out a way to fix it. We don't have a ton of money so I used resources from my own home. I got my Cricut out, used my Home Essentials cartridge and made my own "fake vinyl" lettering! Unless you're looking really close you can't tell that it's scrapbook paper. I used white paper and cut out modern shapes using the same cartridge and first glued the lettering on that, then taped the whole thing onto the wall.
I really like how this turned out as well!


Lisa F said...

You can use contact paper under pattern paper too - then it's really easy to take off the wall when you're done! I have had problems with tape sticking for a long time. Contact paper works great!

Lisa F said...

CUTE how it turned out!

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