Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Easy Chic Bracelet

Melissa found this great tutorial over at Blue Cricket Design HERE. It was super simple, only cost us about $20 to make 12. It would've been cheaper....but we had issues at the store...oh well.

We got these ribbon bracelet clips (which are the most brilliant things ever my humble opinion!). Picked out cute ribbon (all at JoAnns) and got it cut.This is really a simple project.

1. Cut the ribbon to the size of your wrist. If you like them tighter cut it about 1/2 inch under the measurement of your wrist, if you like them loose do it the exact size.

2. Make sure you burn the edges.

3. Put the clips teeth open, then use needle nose pliers (or jewelry pliers) to clamp down the teeth on the edges of the ribbon.

The final product!!


1 comment:

a.parke said...

So cute Shanna. I want to make one!!!

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