Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hemming Workout Capris

I am only 5' 3" and it's hard to find capris that are actually capris! I normally just roll them up, but these I'm using to workout and for running. So rolling them up wouldn't work because I'd be jumping up and down and they'd come unrolled and then I'd just get bugged. So I decided to hem them.

First I measured where I wanted them to fit, then I cut off that excess portion.Then I rolled them up and inch and pinned as much as possible so the material stayed as flat as possible.

I don't work anymore so I've really been learning more and more about my machine. I've already learned so much, and I know there is tons more to learn! Anyways, I have this niftly stitch just for hemming. (I'm sure everyone does, but I just found mine!) (Oh, by the way it's the bottom stitch on the left in the picture).
Instead of sewing on the back, like I normally do, you sew along the front of it so the stitch shows. I am so happy with how it looks!
After you sew it, you flip it inside out and trim the excess material off.
And you have nicely hemmed workout capris, or any pair of pants for that matter!

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