Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another Camera Strap

When Lisa posted her camera straps she really inspired me to make one of my own!This is another great project for scrap material! I made a dress out of this material (which I'll be posting soon!) and loved it so much I decided to use the scraps for this. Also I learned how to do ruffles (which I've been terrified to do but they are actually super easy!) Lisa posted some great links for this, I used Nursery Rhymes and Sweet Times tutorial found HERE. I didn't used the fusible fleece and it worked great for me.
I used decided to put the yo-yo on here because my strap is pretty thin and I wanted to put in a lens cover pocket so the flower covers the bulging of the cover when it's in the pocket like the picture below.


Foust Family said...

I love that fabric! So cute! It's STILL on my to-do list!

Lisa F said...

LOVE it! I made a couple more last week using your tutorial for a pocket -they turned out GREAT!

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