Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pillows for my new Bed Set

I decided to make these pillow slip covers for my new comforter that we bought. Make it and Love it has a great tutorial for slip covers HERE. I made most of the pillows with that tutorial. But I really wanted a cylinder pillow and so I kind of used the idea of that tutorial, but kind of changed it up.

The first thing I did was cut a piece of fabric the width of the pillow and then I measured all the way around the pillow and added about 5". Then I sewed about an inch down on both ends of the longest sides. For the rounded ends I found a bowl that was the size of the pillow and cut out a different fabric out.Then i just pinned the edges on and sewed all the way around and overlapped the end. (I hope that made sense.)
This shows the overlapped end.
This shows the finished edge.
And then the finished pillow!!
Here's the next pillow that I did. Make it and Love it also has THIS tutorial for making pleats. I loved how this turned out! I wasn't very happy that I did it with white cause it just didn't pop like I wanted it to. So I added the flowers and pieces of fabric to it. I also added buttons to the middle of each flower, but I did that after I took the picture.
This is the back of the pillow above. On each pillow I added button holes and buttons so they would fit more snug and lay more evenly. I liked how that turned out better.
The brown pillow in the middle I made with a regular slip cover tutorial and then I added THESE yo-yo's with buttons in the middle.
I really love how it turned out! I love my new bedding! Now I can't wait to make curtains and add other little things to made our room a little getaway!

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Foust Family said...

Those turned out fabulous! Way to go!

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