Monday, April 26, 2010

Diaper Cake

I threw one of my friends a baby shower, and decided as part of my gift to her and for decorations for the shindig I decided to make a diaper cake. I have made these in the past for my sister's showers and love doing it. So any chance I have to make one I take it!

1. The first thing you do is get all stuff you want to put on your cake. I have done it with toys, bottles, onesies, binkies, and other baby accessories. This time I decided to make it more like a decoration with ribbons and flowers. Items you need:
Diapers (obviously!)
wooden dowels
stuff to decorate the cake with

2. Then you need to wrap the diapers.
To do that you open up the diaper like so.
Then you simply roll it up and put a rubber band around it. I rolled up enough diapers for the bottom that would fit the piece of cardboard I cut out.
3. Once you have the base you want you get a really stretchy rubber band and put it around the whole layer of diapers. I did a 3-layer cake so once finished all the layers the way that I wanted and put a rubber band around the whole thing, I cut the ribbon I liked the size of the cake and pinned it in place.
4. After that I put the layers on top of each other and took my wooden dowels and shoved it in between the diapers all the way down. I found a pack of wooden dowels that was the perfect size of the cake so I didn't have to cut any of it down. I've also bought a long wooden dowel and cut it to the size I need.
5. Once I finished that I put flowers in where I wanted them. I just cut the stem off and stuck it in the cake.

On the top of the cake I put a teething ring to help the flowers stay up. I just used a cardboard box that I cut off one of the sides and then covered it with wrapping paper. Then I added a few toys as well.

The cake was a hit at the party and my friend loved having some diapers for her baby!!

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