Monday, August 31, 2009

Polka Dot Skirt & Headband

My SIL found this pattern for a skirt and asked if I would help/make one with her. I LOVE skirts and so of course I wanted to do it with her. We went to JoAnns and found this really cute Linen fabric and thus began our adventure. The pattern was the New Look 6569. I haven't taken pictures of me actually making any of my crafts yet, but I will do that from now on so if anyone wants to know how to do it then they can. This one I just made from a pattern, but I also made a matching headband. The headband idea I got from the Make it and Love it blog. The tutorial is here.Here is the headband. I used actually elastic with mine instead of a headband, but it worked out just the same!
And here I am modeling my new skirt and headband (which you can't see from this angle). I started this skirt a long time ago and just barely finished it. But I bought this gray half jacket about the time I started it, so I was really happy to be able to wear it finally with the skirt that I bought it for!


Foust Family said...

Very cute! Great job!

DFoust said...

It looks great! Way to go!

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