Saturday, April 2, 2011

Double Headband with Flower

I have been really into crocheting for the past few months. I found the pattern for this headband, whipped a few up, then somehow lost the pattern! Luckily, about a month ago a friend of mine found this pattern and e-mailed it to me! It is such a cute, fun, and easy pattern. I was able to whip up a headband in about 10-15 minutes. I have made them in yellow, turquoise, red, white, and gray! Such a fun way to dress up a boring ponytail!

Here is the yellow one I made (I made a 5 petal flower instead of 6, and I made the center smaller.)
Here is the headband from Creative Me. If you would like the pattern, check it out here.


Lisa F said...

Cute! Every time I need something crocheted... I call my mom. It's easier for me! Great job on the headbands!

t foust said...

Okay, so I need to learn how to crochet - those are very cute!

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