Friday, September 18, 2009

Door Remodel

Alright, I know that this isn't exactly a craft, but it is a project right?! My husband and I just bought a home, and we painted the main floor and the upstairs. Well when we moved in there were a few doors that weren't painted, they were the ugly wood brown color. So I decided that I finally had a day off and I was going to use it to redo my doors.
Here are the before pictures.

We don't have a backyard or a garage, but we do have a back deck. I covered all the areas where I was painting with my paint sheets. I took off all the door hinges and actually bought new ones. The old ones were gold and the handles and everything we have is brushed silver. So I bought matching silver hinges. One thing I didn't do that I really wish I would have done and will do in the future is actually take off the handles. I just put blue painting tape around the handles. It worked fine, but I have to touch up around the handles and it doesn't look very professional.

And this is the fianl product!

1 comment:

Foust Family said...

Looks good! So much brighter!

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