Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bow Holder

Lilly has so many bows and headbands, I needed a way to keep them organized and displayed so I could see what we have! I made this bow holder out of a scrapbook picture frame I purchased at Michael's. I screwed in those gold hooks to hang her headbands.

I then realized just how many headbands she has and needed more space for them! I bought the bar, hooks, and baskets at IKEA. More headbands and flowers are in the baskets. The hooks hold her bracelets. I have more, I just took them off to show someone and forgot to put them back on!
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This is in the inside of her closet door. I like it there!


Lisa F said...

She has a TON of bows!

Foust Family said...

I know! That's not even all of them!!! She has an aunt that spoils her! And I made a bunch, too!

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